Cookie Jar Films
A relaxed pace sets our bar. Take a cookie, eat a cookie, film a project, then repeat. This is our daily routine. We release independent films on the web for fun, not profit.
CJF's first 'serial'. A parody of a well-known television show, but in stop-motion.
During a move between locations the main 'headquarters' set for 15 accidentally destroyed.
New Website Released. A new look and feel for the CJF team was unveiled today, it was in dire need of a makeover.
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Each team member contributes to the highest level of entertainment value and cookie eating. We are here to lead the film industry in cookie eating and film making. But more importantly, we have fun.
Catastrophe is CJF's first production. This is a classic horror tail.
The main production machine has returned to it's living space and is now ready to churn out even more episodes of 15!
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